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Press House

Press House

Press House – Palestine is an independent, non-profit media institution. Press House is concerned with media issues, and freedom of expression.

Press House-Palestine was founded in January 2013 through an initiative of a group of journalists and opinion makers who are concerned with the state of the Palestinian journalism and in actualizing democracy.

Press House-Palestine aims at establishing a unique model of cooperation and exchange with the various sectors of civil society, on the basis of partnership and integration. Press House-Palestine is currently headquartered in Gaza with plans to expand its reach through opening other branches.


Press House-Palestine is a non-governmental, non-profit institution, which aims at contributing in enhancing freedom of expression and to leveraging the quality of Palestinian media, through capacity building, training, advocacy, and networking programs, on the principles of human rights including equality and non-discrimination.


Press House-Palestine aspires to play a leading role in empowering independent media, freedom of expression, and the quality of Palestinian journalism.




Learning and Initiative.

Team work.

Justice and Objectivity.

Social Responsibility.





1. To develop the capabilities of new journalists, partner organizations, and administrative staff; to reinforce the role of independent media, through capacity building and training in various related media issues.

2. To advocate and support various media and controversial societal issues through raising journalists and community awareness of their rights; to promote freedom of expression.

3. To provide an independent and free media outlet where new and independent journalists can publish their work freely, as well as the provision of an independent and free source of media information and researches that all journalists and media organizations can access.